Where to Eat ~ the Classics 

Every year there are a range of new exciting, hip & hopeless restaurants that open in Nice chasing the tourists & the locals. Some will last and some will fade. A separate post will talk about what’s hot & what’s not

What’s much more interesting in my opinion are the restaurants that have been there for an age & have been doing it successfully for many many years. Here is a selection of our favourites.

Cours Saleya 

Le Safari

An oasis in a sea of mediocrity. This is one of the best places to eat in Nice, not just Cours Saleya. When you see the same little old ladies in every day, you know it must be good. An institution – great for Sunday lunch ( but book – and do not be late ).

Address :1 cours Saleya 06300 Nice

Phone : 04 93 80 18 44

La Cambuse

Have had sublime meals here ( usually the fish of the day ), but have also been disappointed but if you get the right waiter it can be a super night out. Not cheap but top notch when on form ( and a good wine list )

5 Cours Saleya, 06000 Nice, France

+33 4 93 80 82 40

La Voglia

Absolutely top notch Italian / Mediterranean food and very well priced for the quality. You can’t book it so turn up and if they are full ( and they often are ), they will give you a time to come back ( rarely longer than 20min ). Go in next door and Thady will give you a drink in Ma Nolans. Very child friendly as well.

Address: 2 Rue Saint-François de Paule, 06300 Nice, France

Phone: 04 93 80 99 16

Eat like a local 


Cheap as chip and loads of fun. Eat outside and embrace the madness. Pizza and Pasta and jugs of cheap wine. They chill the red so you know it must be good 🙂 – You can have 3 courses, wine and coffee here and come out with change from a €20 note. Its beside one of the most beautiful churches in France, so pop in for a prayer before or after dinner.

Address: 1 Rue du Jésus, 06000 Nice, France

Phone:+33 4 93 62 26 46

Au Vieux Four ( around the corner from the apartment )

We always go hear at least once, and often more. It has won the award for the best pizza in Nice many years running. Family owned for generations – come out the door of the building, turn left and its across the road on the right. They also do takeaway. Very well priced and the House Lasagne is among the best I’ve tasted. Always full of locals.

Address: 1 Rue Emmanuel Philibert, 06300 Nice, France

Phone:+33 4 93 89 00 89

Bistro Antoine

Book in advance. Always busy, always full. They do the simple things very well indeed.

Address: 27 Rue de la Préfecture, 06300 Nice, France

Phone:+33 4 93 85 29 57

A Treat 

La Réserve de Nice

Book lunch and book a terrace table and you’ll feel you are on the edge of the world. This is high end and has a price to match but if you go at lunchtime your’ll get 3 courses for €33-€35 and its always sublime. Michelin star style and quality. After lunch, you can walk via the coast to Villefranche sur Mer to walk it off. Address: 60 Boulevard Franck Pilatte, 06300 Nice, France

Phone:+33 4 97 08 14 80


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