Promenade du Paillon – a most wonderful park

The apartment sits between the port and Place Garibaldi but on the other side of the square is one of the most amazing parks in any city in the world. The Promenade du Paillon opened up in Autumn 2013. It covers 12 hectares and is 1.2km long and leads from Garibaldi all the way to the sea. It comes out by the Casino on the beach ( very close to all the Designer shops – se be warned ).

There used to be a large ( and ugly ) car park and equally ugly bus station in this space. You have to admire the French’s commitment to beauty.

We like to buy our croissants and a takeaway coffee in the morning and alternate between the park and the port to welcome in the new day. Enjoy.

Promenade du Paillon

It is an oasis in this wonderful city and is so quiet and calm.

Relax in the Park

Something for everyone – kids and adults.

The kids love it

The water fountains are magical and great fun running through them

Water fountains

Fun for all the family.

Fun for all the family


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